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Freddie Morales as “Devotional Dave”– lead vocals, visuals, lighting design, sequencing
Brent Meyer as “Counterfeit Martin”– music director, keyboards, vocals, guitar, melodic, sequencing, percussion
David Sepe as “Alan Wildest” - keyboards, sequencing, backing vocals, percussion
James Evans as “ InTheFletch” - keyboards, sequencing, backing vocals, percussion

The scale of STRANGELOVE’s theatrical stage production is unparalleled, save for the real article. Multiple originally produced projection visual programs assault the concertgoer’s senses and further the illusion they're witnessing an actual Depeche Mode concert.

No detail of the band’s presentation has been overlooked. The visual presentation and in-show costume changes reflect different eras of D’Mode’s decades-spanning career. Their note for note renditions are uncanny. Audience members can revel in the seemingly impossible unfolding before their eyes and unbelieving ears. STRANGELOVE delivers a career spanning, pitch perfect “best of” concert that transports the listener through time and touches on several key points in Depeche Mode’s illustrious career. Songs from throughout the Depeche canon are lovingly recreated; from favorites on DM’s debut Speak and Spell to the newest fare from Mode’s latest- 2013’s Delta Machine.

These men have a reverence and devotion to Depeche Mode and their body of work that has driven them to recreate every possible detail and bring the “Music To The Masses” in a concert setting that often feels more like a shared communal glorious fan club celebration of yesteryear, and a reliving of youth. Accuracy and authenticity is a hallmark of the group, with the band employing as many authentic vintage synthesizers and archaic samplers as possible. Depeche Mode keyboardist Alan Wilder even presented the band with some originally produced keyboard sounds/samples created for Depeche Mode's world tours, circa 1988-1993.

With over 120 million records sold and a rabid international fan base, Depeche Mode’s career spans three decades and shows no signs of slowing down. Their enormous fan base encompasses all ages and crosses every demographic. STRANGELOVE brings a fun and staggeringly authentic Depeche Mode experience to your event, venue, or festival.

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Just Can't Get Enough
New Life
Leave In Silence
See You
The Sun And The Rainfall
Everything Counts
Something to Do
Lie to Me
People Are People
Master & Servant
If You Want
Blasphemous Rumours
Get The Balance Right
Shake The Disease
Black Celebration
Fly On The Windscreen
But Not Tonight
A Question Of Time
A Question Of Lust
It Doesn't Matter Too
Never Let Me Down Again
Behind The Wheel / Route 66
World In My Eyes
Sweetest Perfection
Personal Jesus
Waiting For the Night
Enjoy The Silence
The Policy Of Truth
Blue Dress
Sea Of Sin
I Feel You
Walking In My Shoes
One Caress
Barrel Of A Gun
It's No Good
Sister Of Night
Dream On
I Feel Loved
Suffer Well
John The Revelator
A Pain I'm Used To
Nothing's Impossible
Saw Something
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