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Please read before your submit your act. Music Zirconia receives several representation requests from tribute bands daily. It is impossible for us to represent all of the acts that submit to us. As we strive to offer only top tier entertainment, we manually review and are forced to reject many submissions.

There are many reasons we may not be able to add you to our roster, here are some common reasons:

We have too many of that act already. There are several acts that are over-saturated. STP, U2, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, KISS, Pink Floyd to name a few, but there are certainly many others.

No promo video or one of poor quality. The promo video is the most effective tool we have for selling your acts. If the video is not good the buyers assume the band is not good.

We already have an exclusive arrangement with a competing tribute band. Currently we have several tribute bands that we have exclusive deals with. This means we cannot book a competing band unless our exclusive act has turned-down the gig, At this point we MAY book another act, but that act will be taken from our private database but will not be displayed or advertised on the web site.

We currently have exclusive arrangements with tributes to ;
• Britain’s Finest – The Beatles
• Elton the Early Years – Elton John
• Kalimba - Earth, Wind & Fire
• The Cured – The Cure
• Strangelove – Depeche Mode
• Murmur – R.E.M.
• Total Distortion – Social Distortion
• Luv’n Rockets – Love & Rockets
• Erasure-esque - Erasure
• The Distractions – Elvis Costello & The Attractions
• Really Idol – Billy idol
• Green Today – Green Day
• Alice In Cooperland – Alice Cooper
• Blue Order – New Order
• Slaves Against the Machine – Rage Against The Machine
• Faux Fighters – Foo Fighters • Metallica - Damage Inc.
• True 2 Crue - Motley Crue
• AC/DC (all female) - ThunderHerstruck
• Led Zeppelin (all female) - Hammer of the Broads
• Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi
• Core - Stone Temple Pilots
• ZZ Too - ZZ Top
• Radiohedz - Radiohead
• Safety Orange - Sublime
• Children of the Korn - Korn
• Lincoln Park - Linkin Park
• Slip-Not - Slipknot
• Bad Majick - Godsmack
• Renegade - Styx
• Red Headed Stranger - Willie Nelson
....and many more that are "semi" exclusive.

It may not be a band that we are interested in. For example, we do not need tributes to Steppenwolf, Debbie Boone or MC Hammer...just not enough hits to create a marketable show.

You do not look or sound like the band you tribute. We strive for quality. We just have no room for bands that have no or poor costumes, bad wigs, less than adequate gear or just do not sound like the original. We are selling an "experience". If you are 50lbs heavier and 15 years older than the original act, or you cannot capture the essense of the intended band then we may not be able to use you. This is show business.

Bad reputation. Our bands are well behaved professionals. We do not need or deal with those whom perceive themselves to be "rock stars". We cannot risk our relationships with venues by sending them bands that are rude, difficult, or those with drinking and drug issues. With so many quality bands available we are not very tolerant to those whom choose to conduct business in less than a professional manner.

If you think you are ready for Music Zirconia then submit your act here: http://mztributebands.com/content/submit-your-act