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Tours & Travel

Van BHalen Tribute Band "The Atomic Punks on tour in El Paso, Texas.Unlike most agencies that cater to tribute bands, Music Zirconia is a full service agency and for those bands wanting to go out on the road (and have a stage show that’s of the caliber that it’s warranted) and we can plan and route tours, with particular attention to the needs of the musician in mind. Again, being an agency by and for artists, we care about these details in a way few others do.

We know how difficult it can be to perform three consecutive one-nighters in different markets with 7 hour drives between them all and are always concerned about routing and drive times impacting the band’s rest and readiness to give their best presentation to a waiting public. We’re also sensitive to not automatically grabbing the cheapest flights available but weighing the opportunity cost of paying a little extra for flights that depart/arrive at times that allow artist ample rest and prep time for setup and sound check.

Few bands WANT to fly out the morning after a show at 6 am. Moreover, we’re very familiar with airline luggage and cargo regulations, international travel forms and customs requirements so that tribute bands can focus on what matters- the music.

Music Zirconia is very knowledgeable about travel and hotel options. We currently staff 3 production assistants who are experienced with researching flight prices, routing multiple city travel and working with the airline that are most friendly to the needs of musicians.