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Sync Licensing

Sync Licensing for Tribute BandsA boon to all working musicians since the downfall of the major label recording industry, the ascent of the indie DIY recording musician has left TV & film music supervisors with a lot of inexpensive music to license for their programming. They’ve gotten used to not paying top dollar for songs as they did in the olden days of FM radio giants. Despite this fact, the public has no less hunger to hear classic music in context of a movie or TV program to establish the setting or reference a cultural touchstone. Enter the tribute band recording artist.

NO ONE is better poised than Music Zirconia to utilize the wealth of talent at our disposal and interface with music supervisors and publishing organizations to get our tribute bands paid for their masterful renditions of the artists’ songs they pay tribute to. With our in house Mock Star Studios pro recording facility (outfitted with the best modern digital and classic vintage gear) and talented team of producers, engineers and programmers at our disposal, we can confidently recreate the classics better than anyone else.