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Success Consulting

Music Zirconia offers success consulting to all tribute acts willing to subject themselves to scrutiny in the interest of bettering their prospects in what can be a very competitive field. Many of the resources available to our exclusive roster are also available to any tribute band or cover act wanting to better themselves. Packages can be custom tailored to suit a band’s particular needs, be it utilizing social media and viral marketing more effectively, Video reel EPK consultation, costume and stage persona development, etc.

We do not charge for this service or any other outside of booking your act. We are more than willing to share our knowlege to those who seek it. Our only purpose is to assist the bands into becoming top-tier acts. The majority of our staff are also in major tribute acts and know the mistakes a band can make as well as the best path to success. Our reward is to get the bands to a level where they no longer are playing the low capcity dive bars and are playing the large festivals and concert venues. Your success is our success.

We are fortunate enough to be working with the very top talent buyers in the tribute world. They tell us what they are looking for and we listen, then when possible we pass that information down to you. With a data base of over 650 acts we are able to witness what works and what does not.

We always welcome any questions a band might have. And while we are quite busy, we try to take the time to consult at length with any band leader that would like to get our opinion on how we believe they can make their act more successful.
This is usually done by phone or email, but in certain cases we will try and sit with you face to face and go over your presentation.

You will also find that the tribute band community is very friendly.  Join our Facebook and become part of the discussions.