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Partner with MZ

If you have a service or product that can benefit our tribute acts we would be interested in partnering with you or your company. We can deliver many qualified parties whom may be interested in your wares, but as previously stated it must be of substantial benefit to the bands. Music Zirconia Inc is not interested in making a profit from you, we are interested in getting the bands special savings on items that they can find no other place. We are also not interested in bombarding our acts with advertisements for 10% off the list price of an item. We are interested in partnering with companies who see the value in sponsoring our acts in the same way they would a label act.

Often manufacturers realize the benefits of sponsoring the tribute acts as they perform in front of large audiences and attract similar attention as some of the label acts. Fine companies such as Schecter Guitars, Ultimate Ear and Rockstar Energy Drink have made incredible endorsement deals with our acts. These relationships have been mutually beneficial as the tribute bands are able to get great gear afford-ably and the manufacturers get their wares exposed to live audiences.The bands often promote the product much more vigorously than others as they are more appreciative than some label acts,

We have over 600 bands in our database, so if you would like to tap that instant audience you will need to offer something similar to "Tier-1 Artist Pricing". This is to say that offers would need to be 50% off list or better.

We are interested in securing sponsorships that benefit a particular act that may best represent your offering, however sponsorships that extend to even more or all the acts on our roster are greatly encouraged.

Once again, Music Zirconia Inc expects no gratuity in exchange for this partnership or any sponsorships, all perks need to benefit the performers directly, not the agency.