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Benefits of Exclusivity

Music Zirconia looks at exclusivity the same as some might look at adopting a child. Meaning, once we have made an exclusive agreement with one of the tribute acts they become a family member and part of our inner circle. The benefits are many:

1) Exclusive acts get top billing over most of our other acts.

2) We will not display or book a competing act unless the exclusive act refuses the show offer.

3) Exclusive acts are the spearhead of our sales focus. Our exclsive roster is always the first acts we offer any venue.

4) Exclusive acts get the most work. We often book entire seasons for certain venues. Whenever possible we try and populate these dates with "our" acts first.

Tribute bands that are represented exclusively by Music Zirconia get the full force of our marketing and sales focus. 
These formidable resources include email campaigns and one-sheet marketing to every talent buyer in a desired region, assistance with website development, marketing video resources, tour planning and pairing with national acts. Our Mock Star recording and rehearsal studio facility is also available on a preferential basis to our exclusive acts. Moreover, we often work with exclusive acts to further develop their stage production and grow the projects to the next level; be it from nightclubs to the casino level or into performing arts centers and multi-night installations. We’ve also assisted exclusive acts by pairing them with musical equipment manufacturers to facilitate endorsement deals and also connecting acts with investors.

What is Required to Become Exclusive

Firstly, we are not generally seeking too many exclusive acts at this time. We need to focus on the ones we have currently. We actually have more talent than we require already and a band would need to be exceptional for us to consider making an exclusive arrangement with them. However, in certain rare cases there are acts that would benefit greatly by allowing us to represent them.

There are several factors we look for including:
1) Acts that are the top of their tribute field. We would prefer to not be offering the 2nd or 3rd best "Elton John Tribute Show", we all benefit by offering "THE BEST"!

2) Acts with a proven sales history. Your act may be incredible, but if you are still playing neighborhood bars you may not be ready for exclusivity. We are looking for acts that can sell-out the larger venues.

3) Acts that have recreated the original artist properly. This means accurate period costuming, hair styles, instrumentation, attitude and musical ability.
What we are not looking for is acts that try to chinch-out. Some will state that their acts contains such great musicians that they do not need to wear costumes. You will not find these acts on our roster. To us a "Tribute Band" offers the entire retro concert experience, a Cover Band" just plays the songs well.

4) Professional work ethics; The majority of tribute bands are a joy and a pleasure to work with. They tend to be professionals that understand that their bands are just an entertainment show and not the "real" rock stars. There are also those that seem to get confused with the magnatude of their own personal relevance. We only have time to work with the former. We can not work with those who are rude to venue staff, have rediculous demands, offensive attitudes or drinking and subtance issues. There is just too great of a talent pool available for us to get involved with anything other than the respectful professionals. This fastest way for us to end our relationship with an act is for them to go "Rock Star" on us.

5) Proper Promotion Materials! This may be one of the most important requirements. Our primary tool to sell you is your media presentation. This usually includes professional posed photos, live shots and a proper promotional video. If you look like a big deal we can sell you like you are a big deal. Th biggest mistake many bands make is that the best representation of their performance they have is some dark and grainy fan-shot cell phone video. If your band or act does not have grade 'A" promotional materials then you are not quite ready for exclusivity.