#1 Tribute Band Agency on the Planet


Music Zirconia is not a "Celebrity Look-Alike" agency in the traditional sense. Our performers are all real world class musicians that have also made great efforts to replicate the general look of the person they tribute. Our acts are not generally looking for work as "impersonators" as they are tribute artist. However, many of the artist are willing to make appearances and walk-ons for certain upscale situations that might include TV, Film or select corporate opportunities.

Recent uses of our tribute artist outside of their normal performances:

Our David Bowie appeared in a TV commercial in Europe. The real David Bowie appeared to have meet his younger self (played by David Brighton) in this commercial...very clever concept.

Our John Lennon appeared in a Miramax film about the actual John Lennon.

Our Axl Rose recently appeared on on Episode of NBC's Parks and Recreation

Acoustic Sets: Many of the acts will consider intimate performances with a reduced band or with just one or two members performing for an "unplugged" or acoustic performance. Tell us you ideas or needs in this area and we will attempt to facilitate your request when possible.